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Wow, this seems really cool so far, and I like the character and the pretty backgrounds. Are you the same guy who made that 100-something episode long playthrough of 2kki on Youtube? If so, then I really enjoy your dedication! Hopefully your project will become something fantastic!

Thank you so much for your kind words GreenToxic! It's early days but I've got a lot of plans for the game, although I've taken a bit of a vacation following the jam as to not completely get burnt out! Backgrounds are one of the bits of the game I really want to make special, with lots of depth and animation that would normally be beyond what RPG maker etc. can accomplish.

P.s yes - I'm fdjkkdjf on Youtube, the one that's played an ungodly amount of 2kki :)

cool beans! I think I’ve commented on some of your videos before (Tyler Raymundo Hailee Raymundo Jaime Raymundo is my account, but this is just Tyler), and it is so great to see you still accomplishing things! I might make a fangame, but for now I'm just making a game inspired by Yume Nikki. If you need any help with graphics or music let me know and I'd love to contribute! :D